What the last 3 months has taught Me!


So we have finally come to the end of what they call “the fourth trimester”! What a milestone. Where has the time gone? My life the last 3 months has been full of joy, fatigued, reality checks, sleepless nights, days without showering, and major body changes. You guessed it, I am a new mommy! The advice came out of the wood works. Some good, some great, and some I took with a grain of salt and went my way. What I have discovered though, is before the baby comes, everyone wants you to sit down and let them do all the work. They tell you if you need anything to call! But oh boy, when you call they are nowhere to be found or are too busy doing other things. The ones that do come over to help, aren’t really there to wash the dishes, or help you fold laundry, or prepare meals for you and your family. They are only there to hold the baby while you do everything else. Sleep while the baby sleeps is probably the top given advice from other moms and even those who don’t have babies. I have learned that unless you want to be on an episode of ‘hoarders”, you cannot sleep while the baby is sleeping. It is impossible to get anything done. I am embarrassed to let anyone come over my house including family, because I have stuff everywhere. Lessons learned. I know what it is like so I want to be that person that actually helps out her new mom friend with anything I can do. Go get grocery, clean the kitchen, let her get an hour of sleep, etc. Don’t just be about lip service, do what you say you are going to do. Motherhood is a beast! However, it is worth every pile of laundry in the hallway, loss hours of sleep, days of not eating until 6pm, and wearing poop and milk as your ootd. 

Xoxo, Al

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