Taormina I Heart You!


Hope everyone had a fantabulous Christmas season! It has been a long while since I’ve been on here and I promise for all my readers, I will be more active this year. So, here we go 2020! Please be good to me!

We spent the day exploring the town of Taormina, Sicily! It’s amazing how people come from thousands of miles across the sea to visit this place, and I am blessed to be able to jump in my car and take a 50 minute drive to get there! I can definitely see why with its array of beauty and charm! We parked in the parcheggio lumbi garage and then rode the shuttle into town. A shuttle arrives and departs every 10 minutes so you will hardly notice the wait. We had lunch at one of the restaurants (can’t remember the name) because I wouldn’t dare recommend you eat there. It was a little chilly but it was a nice sunny Sicily day.

The baby was most happy when she was not in the stroller and able to run around and be free like all the other tourist! We were able to see some of the Christmas lights which is the whole reason we went this time, but not too much as the temperatures dropped in the late afternoon. Baby girl already has a runny nose from teething so didn’t want to keep her out too long in the chill. We didn’t make it over to the Greek theater but we will get there next time. Until then, thank you as always for reading and Happy New Year🥂

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