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Rainy Days are for Sparkles


Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you get to stay in and sleep! Life is a vapor so we should enjoy every minute of it while we can. 


20170328_142621(Image of @misstarabelle from Instagram who inspired my look)

20170328_115752(Let the trumpet sound! Just a little windy today)

People like to stay inside and stay dry when it’s raining, but rain is more of a reason to get dressed and head outside. Unless it is storming of course, you should stay in and be safe! I never know how to style strapless dresses, so I end up playing around with different pieces on top to see how I like it, and often end up changing my outfit entirely! I bought this dress in 2011 (I remember because I wore it when babe took me to Hawaii) and wore then I wore it with some flip flops. It was easy because we were walking around on the beach so not much effort was needed in selecting a shoe. I am not in Hawaii today and I don’t think flip-flops would have gone well with this jacket. How do you dress for rainy days? Sweats and tee-shirts, rain boots and slickers, or are you one who stays inside in your pjs with a hot cup of tea and macaroons? As always thank you for stopping by and reading! Don’t forget to comment, like, and follow me below! Enjoy your day!

Xoxo, AL


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