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Through Our Womb


And God blessed them. And God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it (Gen 1:28). When you’re single and not looking to get married, you don’t give much thought to the obstacles that you may face as husband and wife. Disagreements, debt, disappointments, failures, frustrations, are just a few things that can come along with being married! It doesn’t mean your marriage is doomed, it just means you’re human and these things will happen. You just have to prepare and be ready when they do happen so the two of you can defeat them together! One thing no-one is ever prepared for is infertility! When you think you’re ready for a family you start trying (consistently) and after a year you say, it’s just not the right time. What if you’ve been trying for two, three, four…. You start to wonder if it will ever happen. After all you have been eating right, taking vitamins, and exercising religiously! Every month is like mourning the death of a loved one. You go to the doctor and they say that dirty word to you “Infertility”. Your heart sinks into the bottom of your stomach, disappointment and failure both start whispering in your ear as you look at each other and wonder “is it me”? That’s one of the first things people say to you when they find out you’re having infertility issues, “well do you guys know who’s the cause”? It really doesn’t matter because we are one, and we are in this together! Or you get the statement, “I didn’t know you guys were having problems”. Why would you, it’s not really a topic that is open for discussion with everybody. One thing people can make you feel is inadequate or as if you’re broken (not people but the enemy). I have good news for you, you’re whole and well in the Lord! Stay tuned and follow our journey as we trust in God to increase our territory through the womb! 

Xoxo, AL


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