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2nd Chances


Therefore whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours (Mark 11:24).

1 month ago I noticed that my dogs behavior had changed. She wasn’t barking much, stopped eating, and was constantly peeing everywhere. Even after I’d clean up and take her outside, she would still have accidents in the house. I told my husband what I had noticed, and instead of him hearing my concerns he told me how I’ve slowed her life down because I’m always working and she doesn’t get much exercise. I didn’t receive that so the conversation ended and I continued to observe and notice changes in my dog. One night we went to dinner with some friends and had a wonderful time. God gave us an unexpected blessing and our spirits were high. We came home elated and was getting ready to take Angel when she suddenly collapsed in front of us and had a seizure. During the seizure, she lost control of her bladder and urinated. My heart sank, both my husband and I were overcome by our emotions, and the reality that something really is going on with my dog seemed to flood his thoughts. We went to the emergency vet and after a few hours of test and waiting, we were told she has a glioma. For those of you who are not medical, a glioma is a brain tumor. Slow growing, but fatal. My husband and I have discussed the extent of care we would put our dog through if ever she became ill, and chemo and radiation¬†was not one of them. How much time do we have left? What else can we do? The questions did not stop and heart grew more anxious by the day.

After another week passed, my husband told me I was holding on to her for no reason. Had he given up? Did he even care how I was feeling?. He won, I called a different vet and was going to put an end to the misery that I had caused her, because after all that’s the only one to get through this. I cried and I prayed and cried some more. Asking God to give me peace and help me make a sound decision that I would not regret. We saw Dr. Claire at the Gaithersburg Animal Hospital, and from the beginning of the appointment she was amazing and understanding. She didn’t try to force any decisions on us, but was very supportive. After she left the room to give my husband and I a chance to think about our options, tearsvstarted to flood his eyes. It was hard enough for me to come to grips with end of life for Angel, but now my husband was feeling a certain way. Looking at Angel just made it even harder. We both agreed to try some quality of life changes for her which included steroids for the tumor and incontinence medications for all the accidents whereas having. We went home that Thursday morning and started her medications right away and gave them as ordered. The next day was like night and day. No accidents to clean up, and she had an appetite again. By Sunday, ¬†we had taken our first walk in a month, and by Tuesday evening she had a little more pep in her step almost to where she was running! It’s been 10 days with no seizure activity and my dog appears happy again. I am so grateful that we decided to give her a second chance at life.

Xoxo, AL

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