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Go Green


What does color represent to you? Green is a very vibrant and relaxing color to both body, mind, and spirit. It represents healing and growth. Growing up you would hear at the dinner table “eat your vegetables” which was often something green and unsatisfying. Nevertheless they would make you strong and healthy. That’s what mama would always say. As we get older we realize the importance of eating are vegetables and making healthier food choices. Last night I had a terrible headache. I could not get rest and every movement only made it worse for me. I was in so much pain that my discomfort woke my husband. He tried to comfort me and massage my temples to ease the pain a little. I finally was able to fall asleep around 3am.

When I woke up this morning, I still had a slight headache, but nothing like last night. I had no intentions on leaving the house, but decided I needed a picture for today’s post. “What should I wear” I asked myself? The only thing that came to mind was something green. Why green? Green is my happy color, and I certainly wasn’t feeling excited at the time. That prompted me to look up colors. Remember the mood rings that would change based on how you were feeling in that moment? Well that’s what I was looking up. Anyway, I started reading about green, which is my favorite color, and it fit me perfect for how I am feeling today. It symbolizes freshness, safety, and fertility (the last one being the reason I was in so much pain). It’s a new day and I am still safe and whole in the arms of my Savior! Today I wore green to symbolize my health, growth, and newness in the Lord.


Green often represents health and nature. From green tea, to recycling, to eating organics, to going vegan, green is just a symbol of goodness. Even plants, when they start to bud, start out with green leaves. Green even in plants, is a sign of good health. House plants that have big beautiful green leaves are attractive and let you know the plant is healthy. Once the leaves start changing colors, mainly yellow, it signifies interruption of a growth cycle and death. I think I will dressing according to the color wheel, because it really does change your mood and outlook on the day. What’s your favorite color?


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Xoxo, AL

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