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Ice Cream Date


Happy Resurrection Sunday to you all! What a beautiful day it was! I pray that your day was filled with prayer, praise, and power in the name of Jesus! Lent has come to an end which means babe and i can enjoy some delightful delicacies in moderation. We have gone 40 days without sugar and I included dairy in that mix. We had a great time in service today, the weather was amazing, and what better way to close out our day then to stop for a sweet treat. Cold stone is one of our favorite stops. I decided to get my usual “cheesecake blast” Love It, but opted for a waffle bowl today. Why, I didn’t even eat half of the waffle bowl. “My eyes were bigger than my belly” as they say. The chocolate was too much for me, but the ice cream, was on point as always. I am predicting this to be a positive week, full of God’s rich blessings. Our day started off at 500am, the word from my Pastor was outstanding as usual, and babe and I are awaiting some exciting things that have been promised to us to come to pass. How did everyone spend their weekend and your Easter Sunday? As always thank you for stopping by and reading. Please like, comment, and follow.

Xoxo, Al


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