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Just Married


And God bless them, and said unto them be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it (Gen 1:28).

20170429_232728Saturday date night “denim and bling”. Babe had on a sequins jacket as well, and we won 1st place!


This weekend was all about renewing, refreshing, reaffirming, rekindling, and relearning the importance of a God-centered marriage. It started Friday evening with an amazing word from our Pastor on establishing rules for communication! If you don’t have rules for communicating with your spouse you need to stop what you’re doing and make a list. One of the rules consist of setting aside a time to discuss problems. You can’t talk about problems on a daily basis because you soon become burned out with each other. If Friday is your day to discuss them, Monday through Thursday is off limits for discussion and only for enjoying each other. If it is a problem that cannot wait till Friday, then address it immediately, but still yet limits. Talk about and resolve it within a set time period (i.e. 730-830). Don’t go beyond that time period or you end up taking it to bed and into the next day. I have made up in my mind that time is too precious and I would love more of it to spend enjoying my husband. Those things that cause me undue stress and worry, I don’t give thought to them, because if I can’t change it, why worry about it. One day you will look up and what will your response be; “I lived a life pleasing to the Lord and enjoyed every minute with my spouse” or if “I had to do it all over again I would not have gotten married”? I would choose my husband over and over again, and I did just that, as we renewed our vows on Sunday to end the marriage conference. I would say at least 30-40 couples from what I could see renewed their vows. I was too busy looking at my husband and all his beauty to count. This is not our original wedding attire (my dress was a little too much for this occasion…longer train). This dress was simple yet elegant and babes tux is different pieces we purchased over the last couple of years. 


Always remember you are with the person you chose to be with. God gives us the tools we need, the word, and the will to marry our spouses and build a bond that can never be broken. If you are having problems in your marriage seek help from your spiritual leaders, your parents, married friends who have strong marriages, and always seek the Lord for guidance. If you are the problem, readjust your thinking and “change you”. What worked when you first got married, may not work 10 years later. Add new and fresh spices to your marriage, go on dates, set aside time for each other, allow each other to debrief from work (but not all night), pray together and then you will see God change your marriage for the better and the two of you will truly become 1 flesh. Thank you as always for reading! Please like and comment below. Follow me here and on Instagram to keep up-to-date on inspiring post.

Xoxo, Al

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