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Moving on Up


For promotion comes neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south. But God is the judge: He puts down one and sets up another (Psm 75: 6-7)


Sweater:: Johnston & Murphy
Shoes:: Aldos
Shirt::Paul Frederick Pants: Express


Dress:: Shein


No one can exalt themselves even though many try. I thought by now (8 months on social media), that I would be promoting different brands and companies, and pursuing a robust fashion icon career. I see so many with less followers than me, and basic post and wonder what I am doing wrong? Why do they get so many comments, and likes, and can live off of blogging and I have to work extra hard to stay a float. Sometimes I feel it is my boldness for God in my writings that keeps me from elevating and being as successful as other fashion bloggers (I know that sounds crazy)! It has yet to happen and there are many days I just want to give up and throw in the towel, but God reminds me that it is that very boldness and trust in Him that will elevate me to where I desire to be when I need to be there.
After a very trying weekend of emotions, my Monday started off with a promotion!!! Not because I deserved it, or did anything great in my own strength to receive it. It was nothing but the grace of my Lord and Savior that I (We) are where we are today. We didn’t have a big celebration or gathering of many, but it was just my husband (always by my side through everything) and I and me reaffirming my commitment! I looked at him as I signed my acceptance of promotion to see him smiling from ear to ear. Not because there is more financial blessings involved, but because he remembers where we started from, our struggles, the passed up promotions, our perseverance and faith to get here. You see even though man thinks he can get promoted by his own ways, we know that Promotion not just in our careers but in every area of our lives, comes from the Lord (Psm 75). Unto God, do we give thanks! We of course celebrated with cake and ice cream as that is one of our favorite eats! It may not feel like I am doing anything great right now, but I serve a great God who wants nothing but the best for me. Happy Tuesday and thank you for reading!
Xoxo, Al

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